What people are saying about us!


"Donna Heathman is a true professional--personable, competent and one who goes above and beyond to insure her students' success.  She brings her lengthy and broad experience to the position and I hope and recommend that anyone who is contemplating a career in Medical Assisting first take a look at the NWLI program before going anywhere else.   Donna offers her students the inside info and real world experience that is so valuable to future MA employees..."

Isabelle B, RMA



"Donna [Heathman] is dedicated to helping her students achieve success.  She eagerly answers all questions you may have, stays late, and comes in early to make sure you understand the material being taught.  Donna embraces both a personal and professional development, which makes her an ideal instructor and leader.  Donna has an incredible rapport with her students which includes people of all ages.  Her ability to connect with her students and her teaching talent are truly superior.  She has the ability to teach simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics using humor, grace and wit.  I recommend Donna to anyone considering a future in medical assisting without reservation."

Jennifer A, Credentialed Medical Assistant



"I went in for an interview at West Valley today. I was a little intimidated since there was a panel of 4 interviewing me! It didn’t take long for me to relax and just let everything I learned in class take over! The panel was very impressed you actually had us preform blood cultures in class. I kept finding myself saying “my instructor spoke to us about that, or my instructor warned our class this would be apart of our job”. They were so impressed with my knowledge they were very interested in my schooling. They made a point to let me know they were writing the name of the school I attended down.

I felt very confident with my interview. Your personal experiences you shared with us made a huge difference for me today. I feel very blessed to have had you for an instructor. Thank you!!!"

Lisa K



"Jennifer Jameson was my instructor last year and she has the perfect temperament for this very hands-on class.  She is encouraging and helps her students find a way to succeed, all the while building up their confidence.  Just the right kind of person to teach this course!"

Isabelle B, RMA



Amazing training by Ryanna! She is an exceptional teacher and shares so much of her knowledge. The hands on was amazing and thorough. I had a great experience

Schyler G.



Ryanna is awesome!! She makes you feel comfortable and at home. She is a great teacher. 

Debra P.