Medical Assisting Program


8 Months - Includes 160 hour externship

Experience level: Beginner


Medical assistants perform clinical and administrative tasks for physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists and optometrists that are critical in running an effective office on a daily basis.  Medical assisting is one of the nation’s fastest growing careers, according to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Administrative duties of medical assistants often consist of answering phones, greeting patients, charting for medical records, scheduling patients and handling billing and insurance. Clinical duties may include: medical history and patient assessment, patient preparation for procedures, basic laboratory testing, specimen collections and more.

The Northwest Laser Institute program covers both the clinical and the administrative duties over the course of an eight month period. At the conclusion of the program there is 160 hours of externship hours required to complete the program. Course materials are given via print-out and with an online platform. This program prepares students for the nationally recognized NCMA with NCCT OR CCMA with NHA exams.

Competencies students are expected to master upon completion:

Administrative Duties:

  • Billing and Collections on Patient Accounts
  • Scheduling/Handling Patient Appointments
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Basic Insurance Claims
  • HIPAA Privacy Certification
  • Patient Charting
  • Basic Patient Communication Skills
  • Management and Bookkeeping Software

Clinical Skills:

  • Vital Signs
  • Specimen Collection
  • Phlebotomy/Venipuncture
  • Infection Control
  • Administration of Medication
  • Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Sutures and Staples
  • Minor Surgery Assistance
  • 12 Lead Electrocardiography


14 Week Phlebotomy Program


14 Weeks - 1 day of class per week

Experience level: Beginner

The 14 week Phlebotomy Program is designed to prepare students for a rewarding professional career in a healthcare setting such as a hospital or clinic. Students leave this course with the confidence to safely collect a blood samples.

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  • Roles
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Laws and Ethics
  • Consent
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Draw technique
  • Lab departments
  • Tube additives
  • Draw order


American Heart Association CPR BLS Course


6 Hours

Experience level: Beginner

The one-day American Heart Association CPR BLS Course is taught by certified AHA instructors.  The course meets the AHA guidelines for health care providers, including the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) guidelines.

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Topics covered:

  • Recognition of cardiac arrest
  • Compression/ventilation ratio
  • Activation of emergency response system
  • Use of an AED
  • Use of a bag valve mask (BVM)
  • Aspects of team rescue
  • Choking

This course provides Basic Life Support (BLS) training for healthcare providers, which is required for all hospital and medical facilities, including the clinics used for our externship programs.

This course includes a workbook, a skills sign off and a written test. An 80% score is required to receive a certificate of completion for the course.


Medical Coding Course



21 Weeks - 1 day of class per week

The Medical Coding Course is taught using the AAPC curriculum.  This is a preparatory class for the AAPC national certification exam (CPC). This course will provide hands-on practice using HCPCS, CPT and ICD-10-CM.

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Competencies Upon Completion:

  • Proficient ability to read and assign accurate medical codes for diagnoses, procedures and services provided by qualified healthcare providers or physicians.
  • Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology related to coding correctly.
  • Knowledge of guidelines and regulations regarding Medical Coders.
  • Student will be able to understand changes in the medical coding and payment policies, and ability to implement those changes in a practice’s reimbursement process.
  • Medical terminology knowledge


  • Course textbook & workbook
  • CPT
  • ICD-10 coding